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As of 01/01/2015, what used to be called single payment entitlements are simply referred to as payment entitlements. Since the introduction of company single payment entitlements in 2006, we have been brokering these entitlements and built a good reputation and an extensive customer base. Optimising payment entitlements will offer you, as a cattle/crop farmer, interesting benefits. Payment entitlements are established based on the combined specification for 2015. A company takeover or a change of legal form, renting and letting land, green requirements, and formal regulations can all produce unpleasant surprises. What will you do when access to payment entitlements has lapsed? How do farms that never had any payment entitlements fare? In short, there are quite a few new rules for you to get a handle on. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.