Our products

As a supplier of raw milk and dairy products, Farmel puts reliability, certainty and flexibility first. We supply liquid dairy products, milk powder and butter to processing firms and end users in Europe and far beyond.

Liquid dairy products

Farmel is always able to flexibly respond to your needs thanks to the large and stable volume of milk produced by its 190 dairy farms. Farmel owns a large group of dairy farms in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France, so you will always buy your milk straight from the source.


Milk powder

Farmel supplies skimmed milk powder, full cream milk powder, whey powder, whey protein concentrate (WPC) and lactose. Due to our large and stable volume of milk, Farmel is able to supply milk powders and derivatives under various labels, based on your specific requirements. We supply various types of milk powder that meet your required contents.  

Full cream milk powder
In this category you have the choice of Low Heat, Medium Heat or High Heat. Farmel supplies full cream milk powder in 25 kg packages, 1,000 kg bigbags or bulk transport. 

Fat filled milk powder
Fat filled milk powder is a cheap alternative to full cream milk powder. Farmel's fat filled milk powder also contains vegetable fats and can be produced from milk powder of different fat or protein contents. We supply fat filled milk powder in 25 kg packages, 1,000 kg bigbags or bulk transport. 

Skimmed milk powder
Skimmed milk powders contain no more than 1.5% fat and at least 34% protein. You can choose Low Heat, Medium Heat or High Heat skimmed milk powder. We supply skimmed milk powder in 25 kg packages, 1,000 kg bigbags or bulk transport. 

Whey powder
Whey powder is the dried residue that remains after the production of cheese. After undergoing various treatment processes, whey powder can be used in a variety of products, such as baby food, chocolate, ice cream, baking products and dairy products. Farmel supplies whey powder that meets your desired specifications.

Butter and AMF

Farmel supplies several butter products, such as salted lactic butter, unsalted lactic butter, unsalted sweet cream butter and salted sweet cream butter. All products are available in standard or organic variety.

Concentrated butter (AMF)
If all water is extracted from butter, the leftover product will be concentrated butter (AMF, anhydrous milk fat). Concentrated butter is widely used in the food industry for the production of ice cream and chocolate and in the bakery and confectionery industry. Farmel supplies concentrated butter in cartons, drums or in liquid form in tank trucks.

Tailor made

Together with its customers, Farmel is continuously working on the development of new products. If you would like a specific product, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to work together with you and create new products. Farmel is keen on finding a solution to every issue. Saying no is not an option for us.

Holland Agri Foods

Holland Agri Foods is a full-function sister company of Farmel Holding. It is a global player in the cultivation and export of potatoes, onions, carrots and garlic. Holland Agri Foods has more than 1,200 hectares of private land in the Netherlands and works together with reliable partners in Africa, Asia and South America. This means that you are buying products straight from the source.