Moved by Milk

Farmel is your efficient and trusted supplier of raw milk and various dairy products. Thanks to our extensive network of own dairy farmers, Farmel always has a large and stable milk volume.

More about Farmel

Own farmers

Farmel has many years of experience with the procurement of raw milk and dairy products. Having intensively worked together with our own 190 dairy farms, we know all the operational ins and outs. We intermediate for this group of Quality Milk Chain-certified dairy farmers in order to align supply and demand between the Dutch and international dairy markets. Farmel is right at the source of dairy products. Because there are no additional links in the supply chain, Farmel can guarantee quality and continuity as well as offer competitive prices. The large and consistent volume of milk produced by our dairy farmers enables us to respond flexibly to your needs


In the Netherlands, quality requirements for dairy products are more stringent than stipulated by the European Union. The raw milk is under strict supervision from the Netherlands Controlling Authority for Milk and Milk Products (COKZ). Farmel's milk is of the highest possible quality and is widely used in premium products. Our quality is safeguarded by a quality system that runs throughout the supply chain. We closely supervise milking and storage, cleaning and disinfection, environment and waste, feed and water, medication use and animal welfare. In addition, Farmel has set its own requirements for total viable count, butyric acid concentration and purity.


All transport is organised and carried out by transport company Gebroeders Dunnink in Nieuwleusen. This is a certified transport company that attaches great importance to standards of hygiene, correctness and service. With a large fleet of milk tankers, Gebroeders Dunnink collects the raw milk from our farmers. When the milk is collected from the dairy farmer, a milk sample is drawn which is analysed in Qlip's independent dairy laboratory. The data is constantly monitored and additional quality checks are carried out via Z-net.

This long-standing, successful collaboration between Gebroeders Dunnink and Farmel has enabled us to organise transport from our farmers to our processors, plants and other buyers highly efficiently and sustainably.


Farmel concludes many agreements based on quoted prices, but we incorporate risk management by also concluding many agreements with buyers based on fixed prices. By doing so, we absorb price fluctuations and remove a great deal of uncertainty from our buyers. 

Contract work

By entering into multiple collaborations with contract workers, Farmel is always able to respond to our buyers' supply and demand. We have a unique and flexible position because we manage raw produce straight from the source.

Dutch Farm Plan

With its knowledge and expertise, Dutch Farm Plan has contributed to the development of dairy products and the foundation of dairy companies for more than 15 years. Dutch Farm plan has developed multiple activities aimed at serving dairy farmers. Our approach focuses on realistic and feasible expectations. We have a team of experts who were born and raised on dairy farms and who have extensive international experience in building up and managing such companies